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One of the first decisions a Maid or Matron of Honour must make about the Hen's Party is what type of outing to plan.

Discuss this with the bride and you'll also find that the Nightcruiser Crew can assist instantly with many ideas.

Just  CONTACT US! and assistance is on the other end of the line.

It is a good idea to hold your hen's party at least one or two weeks before the wedding.

Why not try a day of wine and chocolate tasting and a leisurely fun lunch instead of the usual pub crawl.

This allows you to invite Mums and Aunties as it is a full day tour. The Nightcruiser Hens Arvos are famous.

The Hens Nights are legendary with Nightcruiser who have the greatest choice.

We organise free VIP entry to all the venues plus special arrangements for and on your behalf.

We have a special exclusive deal with the Delicious and  Collars 'n' Cuffs Show, Pole dancing and even Karaoke

Hens Party Games:  When you book with the Nightcruiser we will be happy to email you a password that gets you onto the Hens Party Games info page for heaps of free ideas of "Dare" Games. Be sure to ask when you book. This is exclusive to the Nightcruiser.





A sensational new option for Hens Party arvo Groups to make it part of their fun filled day or night.

Our Hens Arvos are popular as it allows the group to also invite Aunties, Mothers etc. which some groups prefer.

We are happy to pick up your group anytime after 10.00 am in the metro area and take you to the Swan Valley.

We leave the Valley at 4 pm and take you back again or drop you at a place of your choice landed by 5 pm

We start visiting our first Winery from 10.30am

We book all Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries etc. so we are not turned away upon arrival.

All you need to decide is where the group is having lunch.

We make suggestions and have a Winery providing the Nightcruiser

with free B.B.Q. facilities or we can take you to a park along side the Swan River for B. B. Q. or other places for picnics.

We will also guide you for sit down lunches at Wineries, Breweries, Cafes and Restaurants in the Swan Valley

>> DARE GAMES: When you book with the Nightcruiser we will be happy to email you a password that gets you onto the Hens Dares Games info page for heaps of free ideas of "Dare" Games. Be sure to ask when you book. This is exclusive to the Nightcruiser.



Hens Dare Games Suggestions FREE
Exclusive to Nightcruiser

When you are the Organiser it is sometimes hard to know what to do on the Night if you have not done it before.

The Nightcruiser Crew have compiled a number of popular Hen Night/Day Party games to assist you with your planning. They are dare games that can be used by the organiser through out the party tour with nightcruiser.

We are happy to forward you the logo-on name and password once we have received your deposit.

Get your Pass Word and check it all out here..


Organiser Goes Free Terms and Conditions
The Nightcruiser Crew know it is a thankless job to be appointed the organiser
 and having to deal with everybody.

As a reward for your efforts the Nightcruiser Crew would like you to accept free travel with us.

Terms and Conditions

This discount offer is only valid for one organiser and applies to Party Bus Tour Bookings only.

It will apply to the persons name on the booking only or their nominated representative that will be responsible for the tour.

This offer is only authorised as you book and the deposit and full amount for the tour has been paid.

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers and is subject to change at any time.

Free On-Line Invitation -
Exclusive to Nightcruiser

Yes! Now that you have managed to get a Nightcruiser, time to boast about it and invite all your friends instantly free on-line.

here and get started

Create your own Invitation
Send up to 100 free invites per day
Log in regularly to check your RSVP's
With Free Reminder Message to Guests
Upload up to 30 Photos to show the World!








Exclusive password protected
Hens Dare Games Page 
free to you!









We pick up anytime after 10.00am from your place or Local (Metro Area)
Finish around 5.00 pm landed wherever you want including Northbridge or Casino
Take you through out the Swan Valley

3 - 4 Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries depending inc. Chocolate Factory for free tastings
First stop around 10.30pm
We book the places so your group does not get turned away
Special tasting deals on your behalf - listed in your booking confirmation email
You need to work out
lunch - Free BBQ facilities, Picnic, Cafe, Restaurant, Winery or Brewery - ask the Crew
Bring your own burnt CDs for our sub woofer sound
No drink during the day or glassware on board by law

Check out these tours as well

Hens Arvo,
Birthday, Brewery Tour, Bucks Day

Heaps more info at Hens WebPages


The Nightcruiser Crew have prepared the Hens Contract/Oath of Secrecy and hope that it will add a little more fun to your Hen Night/Arvo with Nightcruiser.

The Organiser is authorised welcome to copy it from our website and work with it to print out onto background and the size they wish. You are welcome to add extra clauses. Let us know if you come up with exciting new clauses.





































In the Contract/Oath below, you must adhere to all guidelines and procedures in a strict fashion. When the document refers to the Hen, she will be signified as "Queen B" and the girls consisting of the Hen Night party as "Divas."

Please take the following document as serious (seriously funny) as possible since it will provide hours of fun and memories.

  1. I __________________________ solemnly swear that on the Night/Arvo of ______________________, 2008 in celebration of  ___________________________'s Nightcruiser Hen Night/Arvo party, I will abide by the following rules and regulations:

    There will be, in no way, pictures with boys, men, or any animals while the Nightcruiser Hen Night/Arvo party is in progress. Failure to follow this rule will automatically make you lose your Diva status for the weekend.

  2. You will consume alcoholic beverages and promote drunkenly misconduct in the safest and most appropriate fashion. If you have a note from a doctor, you are excused from drinking but you must still promote animalistic behaviour.

  3. You must never leave a single Diva or the Queen Bee unattended, due to boys-men who are termed as Vultures, Sharks, Pigs, Tools for Procreation…etc.

  4. A Diva who has too much alcohol or has poor taste and is speaking with sleazy unattractive boys/men for more than one minute must be escorted back to the Diva Layer for protection and to save herself from embarrassment (which would have possibly occurred the following morning).

  5. Embarrassing the Queen B, at least once per hour is mandatory. Embarrassment can only take the form of attracting attention toward the Queen B, and includes but is not limited to, finding Boys or Men (prey) to help in satisfying the "Hens checklist" or Suck 4 Buck T-Shirt, waving adult party favour items in front of the Queen B, dressing the Queen B up in ridiculous outfits that Aunt Edna wouldn't even wear, and keeping the Queen B up as late as possible!

  6. Loud, obnoxious outbursts are welcome during the Hens festivities with at least one type of alcohol shot purchased by the Divas for Queen B consumption.

  7. Dancing is required by you and it is important to make sure all Divas and Queen B are participating.

  8. In case of the emergency of a Diva needing to pray to the porcelain goddess or visit Mr. Tidy Bowl Man, it is essential that you make sure one Diva goes with the other Diva In Need (DIN).

  9. It is your responsibility to commute to a more exciting atmosphere when Queen B and/or Diva energy is dwindling. You must interact with other Divas to form a plan in moving to a more exciting environment.

  10. You will not, at any time, think of work-related matters. If work does consume your mind, you will forfeit Diva status and be seen as an outcast by the Divas.

  11. Before signing the document below, I will say out loud, "What happens at __________________ 's Nightcruiser Hen Night/Arvo party STAYS at ___________________'s Nightcruiser Hen Night/Arvo party!"

    (Signature of Diva)

    __________________________________________ Date__________________

    (Signature of Diva In Charge)

    __________________________________ Date__________________

    Advice for the Queen B about marriage:                         

    (Please return this form to the Queen B after signing)

"Moving Party People"™

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