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With Nightcruiser Party Buses it becomes a night to remember forever, with all your friends on-board!

Don't say anything - just invite all your friends.

Tell them it will be a
Pub & Club Crawl

Grab the Microphone with the Bus stopped at a special spot e.g. King's Park and propose.

Or during the Night grab the microphone and make the announcement, after she had already agreed previously, but no official announcement had been made - Unique!!

Then party hard with the Nightcruiser for the rest of the night

We'll pick up the group anytime in the metro area after 7pm and finish with you at 12 midnight in Northbridge.

We'll organise and book all the venues, get free VIP entry and special deals.

Marriage Proposal Ideas         Gemstones and the Ring

Marriage Proposals
Marriage Proposals sure to win her hand in marriage.
Would you would like to marry her and haven't found the right marriage proposal?
Relax, here are exciting engagement proposals sure to excite you and give you confidence to propose marriage. Marriage Proposal on the Nightcruiser
Invite all your friends for a Nightcruiser Pub Crawl and invite all via special invitation cards or emails, but don't let on.
When ready brief the Cruiser Captain and he will set up the microphone, lights and music.
The rest is up to you.

Marriage Proposal at the Movies
Make a video of yourself asking her to marry you. Arrange for a movie theatre to play the video before the feature film. Tell her how much you love her and ask her to marry you. It's hard to say no in front of hundreds of people.. then give her the diamond engagement ring and kiss her.

Fortune Cookie - Engagement Proposal
Buy a bunch of fortune cookies to work with. First, you need to need open the fortune cookie. It's not easy, maybe you should just have a bakery bake a special one for you to hide the engagement ring inside. Put her diamond ring inside with a marriage proposal like, "Dear, meeting you was my good fortune, please marry me"

Beach Bum Marriage Proposal
First set the scene with a friend in on the deal... you set up a spot with flowers, fine wine, maybe a musician or two in advance of your visit to the beach... Stroll along the beach and surprise her with your proposal when you get there. It's so romantic, just pop the question, give her the engagement ring and take a swim - nude!

Paper Back Marriage Proposal
Buy her a book and cut a hole in it to put the ring... She reads your proposal and sees the ring and is overcome with love for you. Make sure she doesn't just say, "Where did this book come from and just toss it out without opening it!

Billboard Marriage Proposal
This one cost money... but hey, you make a marriage proposal once, right? Buy an ad space on her way to work and put your face on the billboard asking her to marry you. Wait for her at the parking lot at work with a bouquet flowers and of course, the engagement ring. Tell her to call the boss and take the day off from work.

Buried Treasure Marriage Proposal
Rent a boat, and go snorkelling among the coral and fish. Help her find the ring underwater while the two of you are looking at the coral together.

Tarot Card Marriage Proposal
Buy a set of tarot cards and put in one with her to read. Tell her you know how to read the cards. Don't let her see the cards. Pretend you know how to read them. Say "I would like to marry this woman and show her the card with her picture on it. Give her the diamond engagement ring while reading the tarot cards.

Office Flowers Marriage Proposal
Arrange this with her company where she works. Fill her office up with as many flowers as it will hold (or you can afford) Wait at the door and when she enters the office and sees its full of flowers, give her the engagement diamond ring and ask her to marry you.

High Flying Marriage Proposal
Back at the beach... this time you hire a plane to fly over head with a banner that says, "Marry Me (fiancé's name) Show her the ring, kiss her and, well you know what to do... right?

Rose Petal Marriage Proposal
Make a "road" of red rose petals from the house main door until her bedroom, and design a big heart over the bed with the box and the diamond engagement ring in the middle. Take her home after her work, and after she gets there, propose marriage to her.

Children's Book Marriage Proposal
Get a children's book. Sit beside her on a couch and keep your hands to yourself. Read a few pages and show her the pictures. On the very second page, pull a string tied to the engagement ring so it fall on her lap and say, "Will you marry me?

Bar Concert Marriage Proposal
Take her to your favourite pub or cafe where they have live music. Tell the singer what you plan to propose.. He or she invites both of you on stage and you pop the question in front of every one at the bar. Give her engagement diamond ring and the two of you sing along with the band and you buy drinks for everyone.


Various Gemstones that can be Incorporated in an Engagement Ring

Some brides choose their birthstone or favourite gemstone in a setting enhanced with diamonds.

Garnet, the birthstone of January, is regarded to symbolize eternal friendship. The garnet is a semi-transparent, dark red gemstone.

According to biblical folklore, amethyst a February birthstone, is a symbol of faithfulness and sincerity. This gem is a clear purple or bluish violet quartz widely used in various types of jewellery.

Aquamarine, the March birthstone is a transparent blue, blue green, or green gemstone. It is said to symbolize intelligence and courage.

Diamonds, the birthstone of April, are believed to protect the wearer from evil spirits and represent innocence and matrimonial happiness. While most diamonds appear colourless, others offer a hint of colour ranging from a soft blue to light yellow.

Emerald, the birthstone of May is a symbol of domestic harmony and success in love. This gem is a transparent green stone.

The pearl is said to reflect health and longevity, and is the birthstone of June.

The July birthstone, a red corundum, is the symbol of love and contentment. Legend suggests that a ruby engagement ring will darken in colour if the course of true love is not running smoothly.

The sardonyx, the birthstone of August, is a white-and-brown variety of the onyx.

The sapphire is said to bring its wearer good health and good fortune. The birthstone for September represents truth and faithfulness. This gemstone is from the same family as the ruby, but is rich blue in colour.

The opal, an October birthstone, symbolizes hope. This gem is often marked with an iridescent mixture of colours against a soft, milky white ground or a vivid, fiery ground.

Fidelity is expressed in topaz a November birthstone, which is a yellow to yellow-brown transparent gemstone.

Turquoise, a blue, bluish-green, or green gem is the December birthstone. It is said to represent prosperity.

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