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More and more couples are living in a happy Defacto relationship in Western Australia. 

Now the Nightcruiser Party Bus Tour Crew invite you to proudly celebrated your Defacto relationship with all your friends on both sides and Party Party Party. 

Below are some ideas to assist you for this all important event.

Defacto Law FAQ's

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Your comments are welcomed.

Defacto Law FAQ's

December 2002: New De Facto Relationship Laws in Western Australia

The new law and its effect on existing relationships

The Family Court Amendment Bill introduced in the WA Parliament in September 2001, came into law on 1 December 2002.  It gives de facto couples substantially the same rights and remedies as married couples, enforceable through the Family Court of Western Australia.

The legislation provides de facto couples with legal rights in relation to property and maintenance. The legislation brings Western Australia substantially into line with other States, with the notable exception that the jurisdiction to deal with these matters will be vested in the Family Court of Western Australia rather than the State Supreme Courts, as is the case elsewhere.

Previously, de facto couples needed to argue their cases before the Supreme Court employing equitable principles which was often very complicated, costly, time consuming and public.  However the current legislation now allows de facto couples to use the Family Court to resolve their property disputes using the same procedures as have been available to married couples since 1975.

Definition of a de facto relationship under the new law

A de facto relationship is defined as a relationship between two persons who have lived together in a marriage-like relationship.  There are a number of factors that are to be used as indicators to determine whether a de facto relationship exists or has existed.  These include:

  • the length of the relationship;
  • living together and sexual relationship;
  • the degree of financial dependence or independence;
  • arrangements for financial support;
  • the way property is owned, used or acquired; and
  • care for and support of a child or children of the relationship.

In addition, the new legislation recognises de facto spouses both in opposite and same-sex relationships. 

Other issues dealt with under the new law.

Recognition of a de facto relationship applies only if either or both partners are over 18 years of age.  However, a de facto relationship may be acknowledged where both partners are over 16 years if the Court finds that the circumstances of the relationship are so exceptional and unusual to justify the application of the new law. 

To ensure a sufficient connection to Western Australia, one or both of the parties must be resident in Western Australia on the day the application for relief is made.  Further, both parties must have resided in Western Australia for at least one-third of the duration of the relationship, or the person seeking relief must have made defined substantial financial contributions within the State. 

The new laws do not apply to de facto relationships that ended prior to 1 December 2002


There is a one year time limit in which to file an application, commencing from the date of the end of the de facto relationship.  The Court may, in some circumstances, extend this time.

De Facto Relationship Law in WA Before 1 December 2002

Prior to the enactment of the new laws, Western Australians did not have any specific de facto relationships law as existed in most other States. 

The laws in WA for relationships which ended prior to December 2002 are based on equitable principles which are enforced in the Supreme Court of WA.

Property distribution under the previous law

In WA property distribution on the breakdown of earlier de facto relationship is done according to legal status, contract and equitable principles of law.

If property is legally registered in the name of one person, then the Courts will not normally intervene to give the other party any interest or share in that property.

If property has been acquired during a de facto relationship, the person who paid for it will generally be the one who retains it after the relationship has broken down.

Where a contractual agreement as to property division exists between parties their intention will normally be given effect by the Courts.  That intention can be inferred or implied from the parties’ conduct in some circumstances but it is obviously better to have an agreement in writing to remove any doubt. 

In some circumstances, equitable principles may be applied to protect a party where it would be unconscionable for the other to retain property simply because he/she has legal title.  Various types of “trust” can be created whereby a property (or an interest in property) may be in one person’s name “as trustee” for the other.  This is a complex area of law and you should seek legal advice regarding its applications in specific circumstances.

Children of de facto relationships in Western Australia

In Western Australia children of a de facto marriage are treated in much the same way as in all other States.  Disputes over arrangements for children of a de facto relationship are dealt with in the Family Court of Western Australia and the laws applied are effectively the same as those for children of a marriage.

There are some technical differences which relate to the fact that Western Australia has not agreed to allow the Commonwealth to make laws in relation to children of de facto relationships but, because Western Australia has now passed legislation effectively adopting the Commonwealth laws, the result is the same.

Child support obligations are also the same for children of de facto relationships in Western Australia as they are for children of marriages.  So, if you have children, you will still be required to support them under the child support scheme even though you are not married.

Paternity tests can be ordered by the Family Court to determine who are the parents of children – whether you are (or were) in a de facto relationship, married or not in a relationship at all.  As a result of these tests (or inferences drawn as a result of your refusal to take them), you can be declared to be the father of a child and ordered to pay child support.

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