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To assist all our Bucks Night and Bucks Day organisers, the Nightcruiser Crew have collected some Bucks Dares Games for you.

Scroll down and we hope the suggested games will assist you for a great Nightcruiser Bucks Party!

Send us your digital photos and we'll upload them to our site for the world to see :)

Before starting the dares it is important to come up with a forfeit, this is a suitable punishment if somebody doesnít do their dare correctly. Something like "walking like a chicken" may have been a suitable forfeit when you were 12, however now you should think of something much better!



Make a list of ďdaresĒ for the buck to either do or collect throughout the day or night Ė the more daring and ridiculous, the better!

Now a twist of fate that will shock everyone!!


If you are out with the Nightcruiser on a Bucks Day you can have pencils and paper on board and ask everybody to write down what dares they think the Groom should be doing all day or throughout the night!

Then put them in a Box and get each member to draw out a dare but award that dare to them as a twist of fate!!










This is a neat little joke rather than a game and gives everybody a good laugh at the expense of the groom.

Hand out an old key to a selected number of members in the party once onboard the Nightcruiser, but not the groom. Make sure he does not see it being done. During the course of the evening make a speech on board or in the Venue about the bride saying she has made her choice etc. Then suggest it is time for the rest of the guys to give back back her door key now that they don't need it anymore. Get the guys to put the keys on the bar, table or in a bowl - the more the funnier.

Before the Bucks Party, give all the other partygoers apart from the groom an old door key which they keep in their pocket. During the course of the evening make a speech about the bride saying she has made her choice etc. Then suggest it is time for the rest of the guys to give back her door key now that they don't need it anymore. Get the guys go up to the bridal party and put the keys on the table or in a bowl - the more the funnier.

Everybody has a good laugh and itís a cheap effect! But donít tell them the Nightcruiser Crew suggested it!!




This is a simple task, at a risk of getting future wife jealous.

You get a white T Shirt and get as many signatures or comments as possible from women throughout your Bucks outing.

By the end of the day or night you must have it totally covered with signatures or comments, which will act as a momentum for the rest of your life.

You must also heed requests if asked to take T Shirt off if they wish to draw pictures etc.! Get the boys to frame it ....







This is quite a fun game, and also itís easy to set up. All you need are two bananas, two pairs of handcuffs or belt, and two volunteers.

Sit your volunteers on chairs or in case on board the Nightcruiser side by side on the back seat, and put a banana in-between each of their legs, tie their hands behind their backs. The object of the game is to peel and eat the banana (without hands). The first one to finish is the winner.

To cause some embarrassment get two other contestant to eat the bananas from between the legs of the chosen contestants.









This simple exciting game is ideal for a daytime Bucks Party and can be played on the Nightcruiser as we travel.

Give each guest a note pad-size paper and pen. Have questions ready to ask such as, how old is the buck,
his mother's name, what college/university/high school did he attend, his favourite soft drink, the names
of his brothers/sisters, his wedding date, his finance parents names, what size shoe, his favourite colour, favourite TV, favourite football team etc. and don't forget the personal things: Past affairs, turn ones and turn offs etc.

The guest that answers the most correct wins a prize, thou this is not really important as it is done for laughs, mainly.. All answers should be read out that have been collected and then hear the screams as guests onboard hear the revelations to the questions asked and compare guests answers.


KNOW THE BRIDE - as above

This game can also be played with the bride in mind!  That sometimes makes it even more interesting as the groom even gets to learn things. But be gentle with him..

This simple exciting game is ideal for a daytime Bucks Party and can be played on the Nightcruiser as we travel.













This is a great old game.
It can be played during travelling on the Nightcruiser in between the venues or on the way.

The idea is that you wrap up a huge ball like parcel which is passed around in time to the music.

When the music stops, the person holding the parcel will unwrap it until she finds a note or a novelty item (include xxx items) and carries out the request or gets to get the novelty item.

Let you mind run wild on this one when getting things together, as it will be just as much fun thinking up the items and dares for the parcel as to pass it around and see it unravel! Request the Nightcruiser Captain to play you the stop start music.

Items used previously:
- Condom (Non lube ) Blow up or wear over your head.
- You have won a box of sexy chocolates.
- You must suck this penis lolly until all gone.
- You must get the group to guess the following words with your action: enjoying sex! 
- When you receive this note you must NOT go to the toilet at the next stop, if you are caught, you must drink a pint of .........before leaving etc.


Material needed:
One silly hideous old shower cap!

The rules are simple:
As we believe that the groom's name should not be revealed to the general public during his task of dares, therefore this fun simple game was derived.

Who ever calls the Groom by his first or last name will need to wear the cap until someone else calls him by first or last name.

It makes a fun picture through out the night or day.

Material needed:  One silly hideous old shower cap!







This is a variation of truth or dare, you need to ask yes or no questions. Start with fairly simple ones like ďIs your name Adam?Ē If he answers yes then he must move to a seat to his right, if the seat next to him isnít free then the one next to that one (and so on).

If the answer is no then they donít have to move anywhere. Make sure that they realise they must tell the truth!

You could make them swear an oath before starting the game.

The first person to make it back to their own seat is the winner.

Can be heaps of fun if played quickly while travelling on a Nightcruiser







This is quite a simple game, and best of all itís quite simple to set up. You need, a tennis ball, an old pair of tights, and a water bottle half filled with water.

Put the tennis ball inside the tights so that itís right down in the toe. Now you have to tie the tights so that itís around their hips and it is hanging behind them.

Put the water bottle in the middle of the room (with the cap on) and get them to try and knock the bottle over. Give them 4 minutes to try, if they canít do it then get another guest to try.

In order for this to work properly you have to swing your hips, which looks really funny and itís really difficult!