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Nightcruisers have the best most popular School Ball Transport package in Perth!!

The Nightcruisers has provided outrageous transport for School Balls, Proms and Formals for some time.

High School students prepared their own CDs or bought along their iPods (own cord).

The Nightcruiser Crew pioneered this Party atmosphere transport which includes powerful sub woofer sound and disco party lights.

We include more than anybody else in an
all inclusive package!
Wouldn't you prefer to arrive in a Nightcruiser Party Bus with sub woofers pumping, disco party lights along with all your friends rocking along?

We can provide vehicles for any numbers from 25 or up to 45 friends in a Nightcruiser Party Bus, rather then in an expensive hard to get limo like all the others?

FREE travel for Organiser
FREE Trip to Picture Taking Spot on way to Ball Venue
FREE Drive Throu Northbridge or Cappuccino Strip
FREE Drop on way for Clothing Change on to After Party
On-Line Invitations & RSVP Service
Best pre-tour Assistance
Best fastest helpful booking service
More inclusive time included with us
On Board Sub woofer sound and disco lights
Bring your own CDs or iPod

Will pick up in Rockingham, Mandurah and outer Metro at extra charge.

Exclusive to the Nightcruisers free on-line invitations. Remember the more you get the cheaper it is for each and everyone.
Click here for more info.

Usually we pick up from one point then take you to King's Park for photos and on to the ball for the grand arrival.

After the Ball we will pick up the group and take them for a drive through  Northbridge before we take you back home or to your after party, with free clothing change at one spot on the way.
Time allowance one full hour unless otherwise arranged.

We always make a grand entrance as we turn up with sub woofers blaring and bass booming, which can be heard up the street, then causing a stir making all others arriving in limos take notice. This will make heads turn!
You can bring your own burnt suitable CDs or iPod.

We assist you with working out a schedule.
Here is a samples:
Pick up from one nominated place and we make our way to Kings Park for Photos.

Drive through main city streets and a wave, on to the ball if in the city.

So get your imagination running wild and come up with your own plan unique to your group.

We are very experienced as we have been doing School Balls and after Parties for some time. Talk with us now and let us know your plans. We'll assist in making them come true. As a thank you for your hard work you travel free with a friend that has assisted you. We will make an impression with you as we wish to see you again for your 18th Birthday bash with Nightcruiser.

This can be from as low as $40.00 per person inc. GST for the full Nightcruiser Formal Party Tour transport package depending on distance and numbers.

We have CD players on board with latest hits and will allow you to bring your own prepared CDs or iPods (own cords).
We carry the latest Party Music. Make sure your CDs contain party music and don't be self indulgent.

Take as many digital photos as possible and send them to us via email with one photo per email and titles and we will upload them right away onto our Photo Album for the whole world to see instantly, free!
Soon you will be able to upload to us direct.

If you have an email address we confirm our discussion and booking instantly. No stuffing around, try us.

"MovingParty People" 


Free On-Line Invitation - Exclusive to Nightcruiser
Yes! Now that you have managed to get a Nightcruiser, time to boast about it and invite all your friends instantly free on-line.

here and get started

Create your own Invitation
Send up to 100 free invites per day
Log in regularly to check your RSVP's
With Free Reminder Message to Guests
Upload up to 30 Photos to show the World!



Organiser Goes Free Terms and Conditions
The Nightcruiser Crew know it is a thankless job to be appointed the organiser
 and having to deal with everybody.

We are happy to assist you with that and give you some hints.
As a reward for your efforts the Nightcruiser Crew would like you to accept free travel with us.

Terms and Conditions

This discount offer is only valid for one organiser and applies to Party Bus Tour Bookings only.

It will apply to the persons name on the booking only or their nominated representative that will be responsible for the tour.

This offer is only authorised as you book and the deposit and full amount for the tour has been paid.

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or for less than 30 people and is subject to change at any time.

The school ball has become more like a wedding. Dresses, tuxes, corsages, stretch limos and the right partner. Some might view it as an expensive exercise for spoiled kids but it has become much more than that it has become one way of celebrating Australian youth's passage into adulthood.

How to ask her to the School Ball

How do you ask someone to go to the Ball with you

Signs she wants you to ask her to the Ball

Suits - How to tie a tie

Corsages & Buttonholes    

Meet the Parents



"Moving  Party People"

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