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10.00 pm - XOTICA GIRLS -

We paid our discounted $10.00 entry and sat down.

Beers were comparatively cheap. The premises were small and cheaply furnished. Instead of the usual stage at the front there were 3 large rectangular light boxes with a centre pole on each. On entry 4 nubile young dancers were plying their trade which is to extract the patrons of the $1.00 (low) paper tipping money we also bought on entry. We invested $6.00 over a relatively short period on a delightful and pleasant dancer called Stevie. For our money we (our table) were more or less privately entertained to a full strip. Various other dancers also danced in front of us for tips.

After this team of dancers (the "milkers") departed we were treated to something truly special. A "striptease artist" of exceptional ability and body to match known as Joanna. Starting in a wedding dress she performed a spectacular striptease over a period of about 10 minutes. Using the 3 poles and light box stages with various trips over to the tables for special attention she demonstrated extraordinary flexibility and artistic interpretation of the songs. She had a trim and taut figure and nearly shaven pussy and we were very suitably impressed.

Next the "milkers" returned and began to work for tips.

10.40 pm -
An outstanding dark beauty joined us at our table asked me for a lap dance for $20.00 which I declined. She then spoke to us for at least 25 minutes. She'd been to NZ & USA and was well travelled, well spoken and well educated. She told us she was the next "feature artist" on about 11.15 pm. We waited and were again rewarded with a superb striptease act and her outstanding beauty fully nude for ages. She was a total knockout and well worth the wait.

12.15 am -
The "milkers" come out again and we depart as we can't wait another 25 minutes till the next act.

The suggestion by the Nightcruiser Crew to make this our last stop was great as when we came out we partied on in Northbridge with everything within walking distance. Not sure how i got home!

Summary. Excellent night out with plenty of nudity 8/10