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Nation-wide on the 7 Network 6.30pm Sunday 15-03-09
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The Nightcruiser
Love Bus in
Country Victoria Australia

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The love drought
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Sunday Night to the rescue

Two towns - one similar problem. One has no men. The other has no women. That creates a love drought that only some creative thinking from Grant Denyer and Monique Wright can fix. Along the way, they stumble across some touching stories that will leave you speechless.

Nightcruiser to the rescue

Nightcruiser accepted the challenge from 7's Producers of "Sunday Night" Co-hosted by Mike Monroe to provide "The Love Bus".
See the results on the 7 network nationally Sunday 15th March 2009 at 6.30pm and judge for yourself.

Grant Denyer and Roland Ott

On the Nightcruiser Love Bus off to meet the
Blokes for Dinner Dance
in Na Na Goon

Channel 7 Personality Monique Wright and Roland Ott


Sam erecting the Love Heart on the
Nightcruiser Love Bus

Interior of Nightcruiser Love Bus