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Ideal Kids Birthday Party addition

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General Info
Below you will find lots of information and ideas
The Nightcruiser is available daytime or early evening any day of the week. If you check out
past events below it will give you some ideas. You might want to get your friends help you plan out your Nightcruiser Children Party.

There is really no age limit as long as there is adult supervision with you on board. You can bring your own CDs or iPod.

Past Events
After School Pick up Birthday Celebration Party
This was organised with our help, when John celebrated his 13th Birthday. We picked up his group from his School and that turned a lot of heads and was the buzz at the School all day. We went straight to Maccas to kill our hunger. Some parents helped out when they joined the Bus for supervision, one of the things the Nightcruiser requested. 

We drove through Northbridge shouting our heads off and dancing to the music and up to King's Park and climbed those spiral stairs. On to the roller ring for roller-skating. After that exciting wicked time we went to John's house where parents picked up the kids that were left on the Bus.

John organised most of it and came up with the ideas. It allowed him to celebrate his birthday on the right day and it was the talk for month.

Other Typical Fun Run:
Pick up at home where the party is or after school or from anywhere in the metro area.

Drive up to King's Park for a quick toilet stop and a walk to the edge in front of the War Memorial for the views.

parents arrive there with pizza and drink as this can not be consumed in any vehicles.

Next we are off for a drive through Barrack Street Jetty to see all the boats and bell Tower.

Then we sometimes do a drive through the Crown Casino and so they can say they have been to the Casino.

A drive through the City and Northbridge is also organised at time before we make out way home.

During all this time the sup woofers deliver Party Sound and all will sing and scream along - The excitement will be too much and talked about for sometime to come.

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