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China Town Melbourne Victoria
led by Jodi Brunner, Master of Feng Shui

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is a fascinating area of Melbourne to explore.

However, to truly appreciate its character join one of Jodie Brunner's feng shui walking tours.
Described as part science, part mathematics and part intuition, the practice of feng shui explores the aspects of time and space that create (or disturb) the balance and harmony in our lives. The idea of the tour is not to study in detail the philosophies of feng shui but to enjoy an entertaining and novel introduction by exploring the streets and alleyways of Chinatown with feng shui eyes.

The tour starts at Chinatown's square, where the positive energy flows courtesy of the three-tiered red archway, protection is provided by the black tortoise, while masculine and feminine balance is offered by the squares matching dragon and tiger.

As the tour progresses, entranceways, building design and the layout of the streets are called upon to illustrate various concepts of feng shui. Participants soon learn the value of unobstructed spaces to entranceways and the protective powers of a pair of male and female dragons. They also learn to avoid the angular points created by an opposite building or the "heaven chopping sha" of a darkened alleyway.

The tour concludes with a stop at the gifted gardens from Melbourne's sister city in Tianjin, China. Here the flowing water, the strong, straight bamboo and protective open-eye dragon statues encapsulate all the elements of positive feng shui.

The tour is offered on selected Sundays from 10am-noon and costs $25 a person. For bookings, phone or fax 9662 1011 or see http://www.fengshuitours.info.

NIGHTCRUISER Group Transport will carry your group to the tour from anywhere. 21 Up to 70 plus seaters in Buses or luxurious Coaches. Bring your own CDs and get into the mood early. Call us  0427 55 33 40 anytime

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Jodi Brunner is a seeker of knowledge and energies, who discovered Feng Shui in the early 1990’s, leading on a quest to unlock the secrets of this mystical art and science.

Jodi devoted herself to the study and practice of Feng Shui, receiving a Higher Diploma from Master Joseph Yu’s Feng Shui Research Centre and a Diploma from the Australian Institute of Feng Shui & Geomancy and is qualified in the practice of Xuan Kong Fei Xing, Xuan Kong Da Gua, Advanced Feng Shui Water Methods, Four Pillars of Destiny Analysis and Face Reading.

After 10 years in the industry, in 2005 Jodi was honoured with the title of Master of Feng Shui by Master Joseph Yu.

This ancient form of environmental science by which millions of Asians run their lives, their homes and their businesses, is now being integrated into western society, capturing the imagination of the age.


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The words 'feng shui' literally translate as "wind-water" in English. This is a cultural shorthand taken from the following passage of the Zhangshu (Book of Burial) by Guo Pu of the Jin Dynasty:

Qi rides the wind and scatters, but is retained when encountering water.

Many modern enthusiasts claim that feng shui is the practice of arranging objects (such as furniture) to help people achieve their goals. More traditionally, feng shui is important in choosing a place to live and finding a burial site, along with agricultural planning.

Feng Shui originated in China over five thousand years ago and has been used ever since as a way of achieving harmony between the environment and human beings.  Harmony is achieved by tapping into the Earth’s Qi, the life force energy.

Feng Shui was originally used in agriculture, then for orienting cities, dwellings, places of business and gravesites, for battle strategies, in fortune telling and as a tool for personal development.

The success of Feng Shui is assured with a combination of architecture, interior design, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, geography, mathematics, astronomy, astrology and most of all, a great deal of common sense.

We are fortunate to be able to choose the environment in which we live and work.  When our environment supports us, we function better.  Working the land and building dwellings shapes the land to meet our needs.  The result is a visible representation of the way we like to live. 

The environment in which we live is thus an extension of ourselves, our personalities.

In the first instance the environment represents the personality of the people who live there.  This applies to a home, a business, a suburb, or an entire country.  Feng Shui understands the interactions between human beings and the environment, providing a complex system to harmonise these forces.

The subtle energies, that which we cannot see (wind) and that which we cannot grasp (water), comprise the meaning of the words Feng Shui.  Wind carries the vital breath of Qi across the landscape where it accumulates at the boundary of water.  Qi is the energy that breathes life into all things.  Veins of Qi flow through and around all things.

Feng Shui concentrates on grasping the Qi energy that permeates the environment and containing it.  This is the Qi that is contained within our buildings and affects our health, wealth, relationships and even influences our personality.

Contemporary Feng Shui follows strict laws of nature, complex mathematical calculations and the measurement of the earth’s magnetic field; combining with modern technology to detect and remedy unwanted influences including electromagnetic radiation, chemical pollutants and building materials hazardous to health (a study known as Building Biology).

Also considered is the effect of the earth’s natural energies and how they impact on a building (detected with a method known as Dowsing).

Combined with Feng Shui is destiny analysis, using the 4 Pillars of Destiny and the personal Ming Gua calculation to determine a person’s fate and their compatibility with their home or place of business.

Feng Shui changes from place to place and also changes in time.  Traditional Feng Shui determines a building’s prosperity according to these ever changing cycles; helping us to be in the right place at the right time.

Good Feng Shui improves health, wellbeing and environment.  In the process nurturing increased happiness, prosperity and Personal Empowerment Through Placement TM

Ó Copyright 2003-9 Jodi Brunner All Rights Reserved

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