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There is certainly no shortage of night life in Cairns - just depends what type you're looking for. Thanks to the millions of tourists who flock to our friendly shores every year you'll find its party time as you normally only find in the capitol Cities.

There are pubs, bars, clubs, an endless string of esplanade pavement dining restaurants - it's really quite alive with people at nigh

Nightcruiser Party Bus Tours are presented with a big choice. Party Bus and Leisure Tours will be in Cairns soon.

We will provide you with the best pre-tour advise and service, bigger choice of Venues and deals, more time with your tour or late-night transport with subwoofer sound and disco lights.

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Pub and Club Tour, Hen's Night, Bucks Party, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th
Birthday, All Age Bus Party, Bus Party, Wedding Guest Transport, Late Night Group Transport, Wine Tours, Progressive Dinner, Bus and Coach Charter and lots more accessible from the left menu.

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"Moving Party People" 

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"Moving Party People" 

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